Wilbur Norman(non-registered)
Was not familiar with your work and was led here by Mike Evan's Macfilos article, "Leica SL and M10: A tale of two cameras ". As a user of the 'corpulent' M240 (Evan's comical description that I am sure to now have embedded in my brain), I found his description of your ideas about the M10 useful.

I had thought to sell my M240 to finance the M10 but am now thinking along the lines of selling it for a Monochrom and then getting an M10 down the road as they become stock items in the Leica shops. I always seem to think my best shots are B&W so why fight the urge!

Love your images on this site (yes, even the color ones.)
Deidre Cam(non-registered)
Your work is truly beautiful and most particularly your use of light and shadow. I found one of your images on the Leica forum and accessed your wonderful and very professional web site from there. All your photographs are very impressive but (in my opinion) the "Door & Pots" image on the Leica site is the best of the bunch.
Bob Jackson(non-registered)
Wonderful photos. I have learned a lot by just viewing them. Your use of light and contrast is simply poetic. Each and every photo is rich in texture with wonderful composition. I particularly like the B&W photos, but then again the color ones are stunning as well. Some of your recent London street photos on the Leica forum also have caught my attention. Your work is very impressive.
Best Regards,
Bob Jackson
Louis Berk(non-registered)
George, it is great to see you work in one place. Some fanstastic pictures, especially of those little known areas in London - and your Venice work.

All the best

Karl-Heinz A. Winkler(non-registered)
Phenomenal work. Absolutely stunning images! A mastery of handling light. A pleasure to view. Thanks.
Bruno H.Michele(non-registered)
Your website is a pleasant and refreshing discovery. I really like your pictures.
David Williamson(non-registered)
I just thought I'd say how much I have enjoyed looking your pictures. I enjoyed the Venice set both the B&W and the Colour. The New Forest I know well I lived there in my youth. My sister still lives there. So thanks for the memories .
All the best... David (Freeelander @ Leica Forum)
Bill Allsopp(non-registered)
You have a grasp on light - super galleries.
Virgil DiBiase(non-registered)
Outstanding work George. Glad I checked in.
Louis Berk(non-registered)
George, a very impressive collection. The photographs from Venice are outstanding. Well done.
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